This web page is still open while at work.
yes, I drew THAT ! Yes yes yes !

    Ok, I finally decided to actually do something on this page. My few other tries (well, three in fact, you can see their remains here) were just some kind of "let's write down as much things as I can think about !". I still like this way of web-page making (I mean for my page, of course), so I guess I'll here begin as usual, that means making a lot of weird links to a lot of local silly pages. All in all, there won't be anything to do, you (the oh-so beloved user) will just end going round and round in this "site", destroying your eyes while looking at some nicely coloured pages. Wow, I'm impressed already.

    While doing this, I will in fact try to learn HTML, I still don't know, but maybe this site will end being full of Java, CGI, Frames, Shockwave, MIDI, animations, counters, and maybe even a Lo-Fi section to help you poor people around me stare at this magificent page. I'll also end buying a French-English dictionnary, to help you even more. Gosh, I'm such a nice guy sometimes. Scares me.

    Still, as you can see, nothing much is done, there's still just one page on this promised-to-be huge site (hey, I have 15 Mo to fill here, thanks to Infonie and the money I keep sending them). Perhaps I'll change this "index.htm" into a menu where you will be able to browse to my section, and the rest of my family's sections. Who knows ? I don't know. Therefore I guess nobody knows. Aww...

    Thanks for wasting your time reading all my crap.

    Please come back later.

    Watch that phone-bill.

    (god i wish i made backups of my previous sites)

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Yes, this will later be in the Hi-Fi part of this site. Grin grin grin.
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This page and whatever it could contain in text or design (?) is 100% XiBe hardcore brainstorming (yes, I'm kidding. Indeed !).
This page was first created on 17-Jun-98 23:47
Updates :
17-Jun-98 01:26  :
    Added a neat/childish logo, added the ICQ pager, added the platapus (thanks!) background, wrote some more text, added the Update section. Wow.
18-Jun-98 15:19 :
    Removed all the text and wrote a whole something else, made a few design adjustments, fingers-crossed. Sure.
 18-Jun-98 18:48 :
    Suddenly decided not to update the Updates section anymore. So to speak. I'm such a weirdo.