welcome to my (again) brand new site.

(please, dont laugh, iwas young and innocent bythetime. *sighs*)
(i'm trying to make a better one atthemoment)
(here is a preview ifyouwant. NOT finished)

ARGH ! What an horrific HTML coding that is !!!!!!! I did that first site of mine maybe a year ago, I didn't know DICKS about HTML and stuffs like the that, so I used Netscape to build this SHIT. Read my lips : never EVER use this kind of site-builder if you intend to make something usable/readable/updatable !! Better use you brain and NotePad/Simple Text, or if you neeeeeed some help, try Macromedia's Dreamweaver, but DO NOT TRY THESE BULLSHIT TOOLs ! This page will soon be removed, believe me ! Replaced by stuffs I learnt afterward. I hope you are ok.